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Binetter eye centre has gone from a tiny start up office to a major referral centre for cataract and laser eye surgery. We do many things, but we do them one at a time. We combine highly technical diagnostics and treatments with personal care and attention, this has been the basis of our past successes and continues to lead us into the future. Binetter Eye Centre is a place where you can take your parents in the morning for cataract surgery and return in the afternoon to have the most advanced all laser or LASIK surgery, or an eye check-up. If you or your family are having vision problems or just want to be sure your eyes are as healthy as they should be, give us a call or visit us at

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Why have Lasik at the Binetter Eye Centre? Because we are perfectionists. I am a perfectionist. Pretty good or very good is not good enough for me and that is reflected in everything we do here. We use the best laser technology, we are very careful about who we recommend for surgery and we won’t hesitate to tell you if you are less than a good candidate. Our experience of more than 23,000 Lasik surgeries over 20 years gives us a wealth of experience treating every type of prescriptions. We try to get people to even better than 20/20 vision, we call it Super Vision or HD, high definition vision, and may the patients we do Lasik on tell us they are seeing better than they ever did with their glasses or their contact lenses. Our surgical plans are checked, double checked and triple checked to make sure that no mistakes are made and that kind of perfectionism, in my experience, is very hard to find in this world, but you will get it here.

Meet Dr Ron Binetter

M.B.B.S. F.R.A.N.Z.C.O. F.R.A.C.S

Chief Eye Surgeon and Founder

A unique mix of expertise, experience and international reputation, Dr Ron Binetter is the figure behind the Binetter Eye Centre.

With nearly two decades of hands-on experience in eye surgery, Dr Binetter is a specialist in cataract, lens implantation and laser eye surgery.

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