Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL)

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The Implantable Collamer Lens also known as the Implantable Contact Lens is an ultrathin, intraocular lens, like a contact lens, that is implanted into the eye.

It is a long term solution for those who have been advised that they are unsuitable for Laser Eye Surgery  

You may have been told your cornea is too thin or your prescription is too high for Laser Eye Surgery

This intraocular lens is a permanent correction for Shortsightedness ,Longsightedness and Astigmatism.

The ICL is an intraocular Lens that is implanted in the eye behind the Iris (the coloured part of your eye)

It does not require removing tissue with a laser or reshaping the eye as occurs in Laser Eye Surgery and unlike Laser eye Surgery is completely reversible.

As each person’s eye is shaped and sized differently, the ICL is manufactured precisely for your eye to correct your prescription and to fit perfectly.

  • Excellent quality of vision in thin corneas or high scripts unsuitable for Laser Eye Surgery
  • Permanent implant that is fully reversible if needed
  • Performed under assisted local anaesthetic with sedation
  • Both eyes may have implants the same day
  • The ICL cannot be felt inside the eye

Why Choose the ICL ?

  • You want visual freedom from glasses or contact lenses
  • You have been advised you are not suitable for Laser Eye Surgery or think your script is too high for Laser Eye Surgery
  • You like the fact that the procedure is fully reversible
  • You want a permanent solution to your dependance on glasses or contact lenses